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newr_61.gif (5172 bytes)Meeting Change Notice:   Due to lack of time to plan events and meetings regularly enough to be a viable club, we've decided to take advantage of another Austin club that has been going good for a few months now, with increasing turnout and consistent activities.  Until further notice, we will direct all AVC enthusiasts and others interested in VW activities to the Austin Air Coolers (open to all VWs, water or air).  Please visit their website for all meeting and activity details.  See you there!

Road Trip!
AVC members Leon and Mary Prause made the trek to Roswell NM for the Roswell 2K New Beetle gathering in June.  See pictures here.  Looks like it was a fantastic time.

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AVC News!

The Austin Volkswagen Club assembled in Elgin, TX for the Western Days Parade
on July 22, 2000. This was the first time the Austin VW Club  and it's
members participated in the Elgin Parade. Proudly, it was a big success!  We received a third place ribbon for our participation as a car club.  A total of 10 VW's participated in this event, the following proudly displayed their pride and joy:   Charlie Holmes, Greg and Bala Silkenson, Orville Monroe, David Monroe, Leon and Mary Prause, Ed Harshburger, Caleb Zammit, and Matt (the "Flag") Steen.  See pictures from the parade HERE!


The AVC is open to all types of VW enthusiasts, whether you currently have a Volkswagen or not.  Whether you are into VW racing, restoring, customizing, showing, or just dreaming of your next VW, there will be something of interest to you in the AVC.  We have a very diverse group of people all drawn together by their love of Volkswagens.

Drivers Wanted!

August 20 meeting
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Leon Prause's "SUNNY" at the forefront.

Silkenson family photo: Greg's single cab and son Bala's chop top Bug

Matt Steen's Texas flag roof.  Groovy baby!

For more information on the Austin Volkswagen Club, call Charlie Holmes at
512-860-8865 or e-mail at Charlieaus@aol.com

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