Chuck Brewer's Pro-Street Oval!

last updated 04/14/02

Below are pictures taken of the completed aluminum work done at Big Wig Race Cars.  Chuck's car was built to roller stage by Ron Lummus Racing.  It features a full tube chassis from RLR, complete with strut front end, 5" narrowed axles, 5-speed transmission, Monocoque wheels, 10.5 x 28 Micky Thompsons, Wilwood brakes, and 2 Beard seats.  Chuck is building it to be the ultimate pro-street style Bug.  It will be fully street legal when complete.  Chuck lives in the Chigaco area.

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Front end area fully enclosed, including hinge area and backside of dash.

Fabricated aluminum dash with driver and passenger pods.

Sunken license plate box added to RLR engine cover.


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