Rick Dailey's Pro-Stock Oval

added 2/28/99


Rick Dailey's car was at Big Wig Race Cars the latter half of Feb '99 to get a new wing and engine cover for his Pro-Stock Bug.  His old engine cover was a bit wider and more squared off on the edges than what he liked, so a new one was constructed with the sides angled in slightly and all the bends radiused.

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07Feb022s.jpg (10914 bytes) This is the original box.  It's wider than desired and the corners are too sharp.


28Feb010s.jpg (10892 bytes) Rick wanted to keep the same look on the wing sides, so they're done in a similar style as before.  He also wanted to use slotted vents in the back of the box rather than the hinged flap doors.  The sides of the box are shallower and are leaned in toward the narrower back.
28Feb009s.jpg (9906 bytes) This shot shows the removable parachute pack mount.  The 'chute won't be required most of the time, so the mount was made to be unbolted from the wing/box.

The bottom of the engine cover is cut up to clear the parachute pull point which is tied into the chassis under the engine.

28Feb011s.jpg (11161 bytes) Side shot of the box showing it's low profile

Shuffle 'em in and out...

As soon as one leaves, the next one rolls in.  The Ghia is incoming as the Bug is headed out.  Parke Fishel's Ghia arrives to get a new set of wheelie bars, carb shelf, and some other miscellaneous goodies.  I took this picture mainly because it's rare that I have two PAINTED cars here at one time.  Working out of the two car garage you see in the background limits me to one car at a time so that I still have some workspace to lay out the aluminum.  Plus, when I get cars for major work, they're generally brand new cars under construction, so they don't have paint.

28Feb012s.jpg (12148 bytes) 28Feb013s.jpg (12420 bytes)

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