David DuLany's Pro-Stock Bug

last updated 08/01/01

David is building a Pro-Stock Bug to compete in the TxPRA Pro-Stock class.  David had purchased a 4130 RLR chassis and suspension.  Some prior work has been done by Brink Race Craft, such as installing the pedals and steering, as well as building and installing an aluminum seat.  The car came to Big Wig Race Cars to have the body hung on the chassis, the fiberglass mounted (doors and rear fenders), miscellaneous mounts fabricated (shifter, cut-off switch), and to get a one-of-a-kind Big Wig aluminum interior.

Please see below for the before and after pictures.

As David's Car arrived at Big Wig Race Cars:
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30Sep012_m.jpg (14724 bytes)

30Sep014_m.jpg (11608 bytes)

30Sep018_m.jpg (14710 bytes)

30Sep016_m.jpg (12306 bytes)

Top right you can see the aluminum seat built by Brink Race Craft.

Left you can see the pedals and steering, installed by Brink.

Right you can see the Davey Crow built vertigate shifter nose piece and shift rails.

30Sep017_m.jpg (11497 bytes)

Work done by Big Wig Race Cars:
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Wheel tub, comes apart into 2 pieces so it can be removed from around the ladder bar.  Picture also shows fender mounting flange. wheeltub1_m.jpg (11241 bytes)
Inside rear, looking through passenger quarter window.   Temporary Cleco fasteners still in place in this shot. back3_m.jpg (9808 bytes)
Inside rear corner, this time looking through driver's side quarter window. back5_m.jpg (6884 bytes)
Completed rear section. rear1_m.jpg (7567 bytes)
More of the rear section. rear2_m.jpg (6097 bytes)
Door jamb area.  Also shows striker pin for rotary style door latch. rear3_m.jpg (8858 bytes)
Door sill.  Panles are mounted on top of chassis floor tubing and steps down to fit under door. Doorjamb1_m.jpg (7765 bytes)
Door panel and front of door jamb. Doorjamb3_m.jpg (8393 bytes)
Flat dash. flatdash1_m.jpg (11828 bytes)
Tachometer mount. tachmount1_m.jpg (10698 bytes)
Floor area surrounding pedals. floor1_m.jpg (10242 bytes)
Shifter mount for vertigate style shifter. floor2_m.jpg (7720 bytes)
Front quarter panel. frontquarter1_m.jpg (7236 bytes)
Front half.  Area in front of foot box left open for battery and fuel cell. front5_m.jpg (9972 bytes)
Carb tray - mounted part way up velocity stacks.  Clears linkage and doesn't interfere with stack covers. carbshelf2_m.jpg (10013 bytes)
Lower view of carb tray mounting.  Bolt on fabricated brackets still allow access to jets. carbshelf4_m.jpg (11196 bytes)
Door hinges - fabbed from 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch chromoly. hinge1_m.jpg (7735 bytes)
Chili pepper for push/pull cut-off switch. chili_m.jpg (6762 bytes)
Body was channeled approx 1-3/4 inches over chassis.  Most body mounts are 3/4 inch chromoly tubing, hidden behind the aluminum.  Doors are from MarkV.  Rear fenders are Creative Car Craft.  David will be installing the front bodywork himself. car1_m.jpg (12603 bytes)

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