David Crow's Chop Top Drag Car


This car was owned by David Crow of Hutto, TX, when I worked on it. It had been built by David a number of years before I started work on it, so the chop was done and it was already painted. An all new aluminum interior was constructed along with the wing/engine cover. The engine and transmission were raised 2 1/2 inches to get the car lower to the ground, Folts' axles were added to the bus tranny, new wheelie bars were built, Creative Car Craft 1.5" wider rear fenders were used, and Monocoque wheels with Goodyear 8" slicks were installed. An all new rear suspension was fabricated, removing the torsion housing and adding coilovers and 32" ladder bars. The front beam was also narrowed 3". The picture above is from a VW show in Austin, TX, in which this car took 1st place in the Competition Car class.

Here's a shot of the new interior. This was the first aluminum interior I'd attemped. It's difficult to see the details because of the shadowing in the picture. The aluminum was Scotchbrited and clear coated. Dash and floors were also aluminum.