Big Wig Race Cars Back-Half Interior

last updated Jan 16, 2018 - back-half interiors no longer available for ordering

Here is your opportunity to have a full Big Wig Race Cars interior,
without hauling your car to Texas!

This kit covers the entire back area of your car.  It is not a generic interior kit, but rather each one is custom built to your specs, based on how your roll cage is fitted, if there is a cage.  To make it fit properly, I'll need pictures of the inside of the car it's going in so that I can see where the roll cage tubes are.  Based on the photos, I may also need a few measurements, which I can describe in detail when the time comes.  Then, the interior is built here, using the back half of an actual car to ensure proper fit.  Following that, it's removed and shipped to you for installation in your car.  Final installation will require the customer to notch the panels where it contacts the roll cage, but all the panel seams and overlaps will be designed specifically for your car & cage to make it as easy as possible.  All the installation hardware along with full step-by-step instructions are provided , including tips for notching the panels for the roll cage.

Once installed, most of the panels are removable using the DZUS fasteners for easy access to anything under the aluminum.  This kit will work regardless of whether your stock package tray and wheel wells are in tact or have been completely removed.  However, if the wheel wells have been removed, it is strongly recommended that some type of wheel tub be installed, to prevent dings to the underside of the interior aluminum from pebbles that get thrown up by the tires.

This kit is available for Type1 Bugs and Ghias, and with or without door panels.  Package deals for the interior bundled together with other Big Wig products may also be available - please email to inquire.

All panels are .032 thick bare aluminum.  Like the other interior panels, they can be kept bare if waxed occasionally with something like Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish or even Pledge.  If course, they could also be polished, painted, powdercoated, or anodized by the customer - I do not offer those services.

The bead rolling designs shown below is just an example of the type of design included at no extra charge.  Many other bead rolled patterns are possible for additional cost, including text, logos, flames, club names, diamond pleats, tuck & roll, etc.  Email me your ideas or questions, and I'll be glad to give you feedback on how we can make your design work.

All online ordering is via secure site.  However, if you would prefer to pay by mail, please contact me at for further information.

Shipping prices below are for US only.  Go here for international orders.


Type1 Beetle back-half interior


not available at this time
Bug back-half interior without door panels $1550 + $50 shipping
not available at this time
Bug back-half interior including door panels $1700 + $50 shipping

Beetle interior package deals

not available at this time
Package deal #10 - Back-half interior with door panels, & wing $1820 + $60 shipping ($75 discount over individual prices)



Type1 Ghia back-half interior


not available at this time
Ghia back-half interior without door panels $1200 + $50 shipping
not available at this time
Ghia back-half interior including door panels $1350 + $50 shipping


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