Wheelie Bars

 Wheelie bars have been discontinued until further notice.

last updated Jan 8 2014

Big Wig Race Cars wheelie bars are constructed of 4130 chromoly, TIG welded, and come completely assembled with a weld-in mount included. The mount is plug-in style, so that after it's welded to your chassis or framehorns, the wheelie bars can be installed or removed with 2 quick-release pins.

Tubing diameter and thickness has been selected to provide strength enough even for hard launching VW Pro-Stock cars, without unnecessary weight, yet still provide enough deflection to soften the hit. These wheelie bars are easily adjustable for height using threaded heim joints at each wheel. As of May 2007, all wheelie bar sets now come with the aluminum wheels that were previously an upgrade option. These wheelie bars are designed for VWs only and come unpainted.

Built only at time of order, so expect 6-8 weeks delivery.

The width is 24-inches.
  Length of bars is 52-inches.
  Length including mount is 60-inches.

Click any picture below to see full size.
Standard chromoly wheelie bars with mount:                $525
Above:  aluminum and rubber wheels now standard on all Big Wig wheelie bars


Right: wheelie bars come complete with weld-in mount, gussets, and quick release pins.

Pro-Mod VW wheelie bars:          $575
Unless you've got a 1600+ lb car and 450+ hp, the standard wheelie bars should work fine.  But, if you feel like you need a heavier duty set of bars than the ones shown above, I have made an extra beefy set for the pro-mod racers.  The shape and length is same as above, but the pro-mod wheelie bars have 1" tubing instead of 7/8", and use 7/16" heims instead of 3/8".  
Wheels:          $36/pr
If you have older Big Wig Race Cars wheelie bars, these new wheels are a direct fit upgrade to the clear poly wheels.  Wheels are aluminum center with rubber outer, and come complete with bearings.  If you are buying these wheels to use another brand of wheelie bars, please note the size to ensure they will work for you - wheels are 4-1/2" diameter, 1" wide, with 5/16" axle.



All online ordering is via secure site.  However, if you would prefer to pay by mail, please contact me at bigwig1@bigwigracecars.com for further information.

Shipping prices are for US only.  Contact me for foreign orders.


no longer available Chromoly Wheelie Bars & mount $525 + $50 shipping
no longer available Pro-Mod Chromoly Wheelie Bars & mount (larger tubing & larger heims) $575 + $50 shipping
no longer available Wheels only (pair of wheels with bearings) $36 + $6 shipping


no longer available
Package deal #8 - wheelie bars & wing $675 + $50 shipping (save $25 on parts and $30 on shipping  over individual prices)


no longer available Package deal #9 - wheelie bars, door panels, quarter panels, & wing $900 + $50 shipping (save $50 on parts and $30 on shipping  over individual prices)


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