Sterling Adams' Pro-Stock Oval

Here's the bad boy that was at the Big Wig Race Cars' shop back in May '98. Sterling Adams is now the owner of this car. Jeff Payne drove this rocket to the PRA Pro-Stock championship in 1996 and sold it a year later to Sterling. The car received a new paint job and miscellaneous interior hardware upgrades to fit its new driver better, and since then Sterling is 3/3 wins in the TxPRA Pro-Stock races for '98. Eventually it'll get a full Big Wig Race Cars' interior, but for it just got some aluminum wheel tubs to take car of an immediate problem.


You can see with all the bodywork off the back that the car didn't have any wheel tubs inside the fenderwells. Since there's no longer an airbox on top of the carbs, the tires were picking up rocks and debris and tossing it into the carb velocity stacks - NOT GOOD. I'm going to fab some aluminum wheel tubs to fix this problem so Sterling can get back to racing. Patty the Pug in the background, the Big Wig shop dog, looks on and says "Now that's a REAL ENGINE!"


Above is the left side completed wheel tub. It had to have a slight bend in it to clear those big Berg 58 carbs.

Other side with wheel removed so you can see the whole wheel tub. They purposely go way back by the carbs so that they seal against the inside of the rear fenders to eliminate any possibility of rocks getting into the carbs as the tires pick up debris.

Here, between the fender and the carb stack covers, is the top of the one of the wheel tubs. You can see the curve to clear the carbs and how it tucks inside the fenders when they're installed.