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'64 VW Crew Cab

The below pics were taken at the place where I picked it up in Oklahoma a few years ago (2001 I think).  The gates aren't on it in these pictures, but I do have them and they're as nice as the rest of the truck!  The paint in these pictures was already 5 years old back then, but still looks fantastic even having sat out in the Oklahoma weather unprotected for the last 4 to 5 years.  Thank goodness a tornado didn't carry it off before I got it.  It's Glasurit paint, by the way - I swear by that stuff now, having seen how good it's held up.

I'm slowly working on it as time allows.   I've just ordered all my suspension parts for it from Wolfgang International and the interior from Sewfine.  I've also got a 2110 engine from an old street bug that I will reassemble for the crew cab.  I'll try to post pictures along the way as it starts coming together.

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updated 1/10/2005

This one is kind of on hold right now since I'm working on customer cars rather than my own nearly all the time.  However, this is what it looks like now.  I've finished the installation of the suspension (Wolfgang Int'l parts front and back), the David Crow transmission (reduction boxes removed, 4.12 R&P, Sway-A-Way axles, super diff), the polished 5-spokes (from Rick Mortensen in Phoenix) with 195/50 front and 205/65 rear tires, and the Briz bumper in the front.  All the other parts are in boxes until I can get back to this one.

Before you ask - no it's not for sale. :)

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