James Gaubert's Pro-Stock Bug

last updated 07/01/03

James Gaubert of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the owner of the car shown below.  James purchased an RLR mild steel chassis kit and assembled it himself.  He mounted the driver controls, the delivered the chassis and a Bug shell to me for the rest of the fabrication.  I mounted the body, fenders, doors, front end, rear window, rear shocks, and fuel cell, plus fabricated the shifter and steering linkages, and did all the aluminum, including wing and engine cover.  Check out the work below

Work done by Big Wig Race Cars:
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This is how I finish-weld all the body mounts.  Since they're typically in tight areas, I tack them all in place, then hoist the body off the chassis and do the finish welding.
Door hinges - fabricated from 1/2 inch chromoly.
Big Wig dash, featuring wrap around gauge pod with monster tach on right and hole for oil pressure gauge on left.
Interior front half, showing door sills, floor panels, and door panels.
Interior back half.
Door sills.  With the body channeled so far over the chassis, the door sills actually have to make a step down to fit under the door edge.
Big Wig signature chili pepper push/pull cut off switch.
A couple of more dash shots, since I can't get over how cool it looks!
Big Wig wing and engine cover.
The perfect stance!  The body has been channeled over the chassis to pretty much the max allowed by the TxPRA rules as dictated by ground clearances and rear fender height.  James is going to do the fiberglass work to patch the rear fenders where they've been sectioned and to the front end where it meets the doors.
Front end mount and fuel cell mount.

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