Rear Seat Delete

last updated Feb 8, 2016

This kit covers the back area of your Bug where the bottom of the back seat used to reside.  It does not cover the package tray area.  Please see below. It works well with the RLR bolt-in DRKC style cage. It is intended to be installed BEHIND the main hoop of the roll cage.  Therefore, if your main hoop is farther back than what is shown below, this kit will not work. 

The full kit consists of a pair of door panels, pair of quarter panels, pair of kick panels, 3 rear seat shelf panels, mounting strips, and all necessary fasteners, along with detailed instructions.  Door and quarter panels rivet in place (1/8-inch rivets).  Kick panels are installed with #6 button head stainless screws/nuts.  The horizontal shelf panels install with DZUS fasteners, so they can be easily removed for access to the battery tray, shift coupler, electronics, etc. 

All panels are .032 thick bare aluminum.  Like the other interior panels, they can be kept bare if waxed occasionally with Pledge, or they can be polished, painted, powdercoated, or anodized. 

The bead rolling design shown below is just an example.  Many other bead patterns are possible.  Check the door panel page for other design ideas. 

If you already have a set of my doors and quarters, new quarters will be required, as they are shorter on the bottom and have a flange added which is used to mount the shelf panels.


If you want to design your own pattern and have me incorporate that into your panels, please email me at  I am always willing to work with you to make sure you get the unique look you want.  If you don't have a preference, I will use my own judgment and  create the design myself.


All online ordering is via secure site.  However, if you would prefer to pay by mail, please contact me at for further information.

Shipping prices are for US only.  Go here for foreign orders.

NOTE:  I will contact you via email after receipt of online order to determine which design you want.

Shipping on all items below is $35 for U.S.

Type1 Beetle Rear Seat Delete panels

Select year of car
Rear Seat Delete Kit without door panels $550
Select year of car
Rear Seat Delete Full kit (incl door panels) $700

Beetle package deals

Select year of car
Package deal # 4 - Rear Seat Delete, door panels, & dash $820
Select year of car
Package deal # 5 - Rear Seat Delete, door panels, & drag wing $850
(save $45 over individual prices)
Select year of car
Package deal # 6 - Rear Seat Delete, door panels, dash, & drag wing

(save $65 over individual prices)

If you want to request a package price on a set not listed above, email me for a quote. 


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