'70 Maverick

Toyota turbo powered Maverick build by Lance Peltier (Rajunz Hot Rod Shop, Austin, TX)

last updated 6/04/2008

This car was built for Spectre Performance as the result of the design contest they initiated on the 2007 Hot Rod Power Tour.  Lance Peltier's vision for the car was to take out the anemic (and blown up) stock inline 6 and replace it with a pumped up turbo Toyota inline 6, along with all the other necessary upgrades (suspension, interior, exterior, wheels & tires) to make it look like the design he had presented to Spectre.

 Over the course of the next year and a half or so, the car was built into what you see below.  David Dean and Lloyd Teitelbaum at Hi-Tech Customs (Buda, TX) did the MustangII front suspension, 4-bar rear suspension, frame connectors, roll cage, engine and trans mounts, seat mounts, intercooler mount, and exhaust routing.  Dennis Murray at Precision Engine Services (Austin, TX) did all the machine work on the engine and assembled the short block.  Lance Peltier built the rest of the engine, as well as the wiring, dash, plumbing, stereo, interior, and all the detail work needed to make a project like this work.  Boost Logic (Austin, TX) helped Lance with parts, advice, labor, and dyno tuning.

I did the aluminum interior pieces for the doors, quarters, speaker box, engine electrical panel, and a small firewall pass-through  panel, as well as the front spoiler and rear wing.

Lance will be driving this on the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour.

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Loaded and heading to Hot Rod Power Tour 2009
with all the other Spectre cars: