Customer Pictures

Customer pictures


If you have a picture of your car with a Big Wig Race Cars part on it, send it to me at, and I will add it to this page.

Updated Sept 20, 2013

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Luciano Linde (wing) 



Kevin Bartleson (wing) 



Larry Mocnik (bonneville wing) 



George Karacostas (wing) 



Art Gutierrez (wing) 



Cory Rider (wing) 


Dominic Corollo - The Burnout King   (wing, door panels)


Rick Inserra - (interior, trunk, roll cage) - see build photos here.


David Crow - (body, 'glass, scoop, wing, interior) - see build photos here.


James Gaubert - (body, 'glass, wing, interior) - see build photos here.

Ron Stemp - (bed cover) - chassis work by Craig Henderson of Get Bent Racing.


Brian Comiskey - (wing)


Marty Staggs - (cockpit side panels for altered) - Staggs Racing website


Chris Hancock - (wing)


Mike Lawless' White Knuckle Ride - (rear seat cover-up panels)


David Worrell - (door and quarter panels)


Tim Scheller - (wing)


Greg Schmidt, 2005 NASA Points Champion - (door & quarter panels)

photo courtesy of:
Rob "Raisincain" McConnell


Todd Arroyo - Toddco Bodywerks - (firewall)


Steven Pocaro Sr. - wing


Martin Flambart (Denmark) - wing & door panels


Rael Donastorg (U.S. Virgin Islands) - wing & wheelie bars


Rich Dickson (1st DRKC car in 10's) - door & quarter panels, rear seat delete


Jason Fuller - wheelie bars (custom width)


Brent Bergman - wing


Chris Gregoire - wing


Stephen Waters - wing


Johnie Walker - door & quarter panels


Traci Laursen - door panels & cowl cover


Brannon Young - engine cover & wing


Matt Quinn - Triumph flat-tracker - copper number plate & fender strut plates with Flyrite Choppers logo

Little Wig

Flyrite logo stamped at Flyrite shop.  Oval beaded and cut at Big Wig.


Oeyvind Haraune (Norway) - door & quarter panels


George Peach - door panels


Scotty Johnson - interior, wheelie bars, front-end mount, wheel tubs
(see build photos here when owned by Matt Quinn)


Anders Storvik - wing (Big Wig wing #2 circa 1991)


Laurent Lavaud    (Bouzigues, Languedoc-Roussilon, France)
STK - Special Technology für Käfer

Door panels and wing with flared holes


Meredith Horn - wheelie bars


Steve Tyo - (body, 'glass, engine cover & wing, interior) - see build photos here.


Mike Merrell - wing & engine cover combo


Jonathan Ortiz - wing


Ronnie D'Armond - door panels & dash


"Erik the Red" Ormosen - wing, door panels, dash, wheelie bars


Chris Honn - door panels


Chris Brown - wheelie bars


Craig Hobbs - wing


Larry Cowin - wing


Ingmar (Autobedrijf Kaag Kevers - Netherlands) - wing


Shawn Geers (Geers Engineering) - door sills


Jerry Lewis "Fastest street legal VW on the East Coast" - wing


Mao Nou - wing


Peter Page (of DAK-A-TAK Racing, Australia) - wheelie bars & door panels


Chris Chambers - wheelie bars


Don Brannon - wheelie bars & wing


Brannon Young (updated from above with paint & detailing) - Big Wig engine cover and parachute mount

fully polished wing, engine cover, and 'chute mount - AWESOME!


Mike Cummings - wheelie bars & door panels


Scott Sain - wing


Tim Scheller of 401Restos - wing


Richard Rodriguez - wing & door panels



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