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James Gaubert's Pro-Stock Bug - an insane wrap around dash, an awesome stance, and lots of cool aluminum - all by Big Wig Race Cars.
John Strnad needed some repairs to his ultra cool Pro-Stock New Beetle, so he dropped it off for a few days' work.
David Dulany's Pro-Stock bug - full interior, body mounts, door hinges, more...
David Crow's '67.  Former AHRA national record holder, now running 10.40's at 130 with nitrous and a Big Wig interior!
Parke Fishel's Manx is the nicest buggy you'll find anywhere.  It has a Big Wig Race Cars built roll cage, wheelie bars, and overhead switchbox.
An unbelievably cool pro-street VW, with a full tube chassis and full aluminum interior. See Chuck Brewer's Pro-Street Oval here - interior by Big Wig Race Cars.
To date, this is the premier car that's rolled out of the Big Wig shop - David Crow's Pro-Stock Ghia.  Functional hood scoop, dash and doorpanels like you've never seen, pro-mod style wing, much, much more... Crow2s.jpg (9799 bytes)
At the Big Wig shop, Eric Ellis' Oval got rear fenders, a wing and engine cover, and a full interior which includes a radical roof tunnel to supply air to the carbs.
Rick Dailey's Pro-Stock Bug received a new wing and engine cover during its brief time at Big Wig Race Cars. Dailey2s.jpg (10257 bytes)
parkecars.jpg (11825 bytes) Parke Fishel's Pro-Stock Ghia was given a new wing and engine cover, parachute and mount , new doorpanels, and wheelie bars.  The Big Wig doorpanels are a must see.
For Sterling Adams' TxPRA Pro-Stock Championship winning car, I installed a set of inner wheel tubs that extend back into the engine compartment to keep tire debris out of the carbs. Sterling2s.jpg (9813 bytes)
Crow3s.jpg (13761 bytes) David Crow's chop top Bug was my first project.  I backhalved the chassis, installed a full aluminum interior, narrowed the front beam, built a wing and engine cover, and fabricated a set of wheelie bars.
Chuck Storvik's Super Street Bug got a wing and decklid mounting.  The majority of this racecar was built by David Crow's son, Davey. Storvik2s.jpg (10687 bytes)


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